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Dental Care During Pregnancy: Which Procedures are Safe?

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Pregnancy can be an exciting time for expectant families, but there are plenty of important things to remember about your health care during this time too. One of those is maintaining good oral health, both for your benefit and your baby’s! A toothache while pregnant may potentially be the sign of a bigger problem. Let’s look at some things to know about your dental health and pregnancy.

Importance Of Oral Health During Pregnancy

With so much going on during pregnancy, it can be easy to fall behind or not prioritize the health of your teeth and mouth. However, hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect your teeth and gums, leaving them more vulnerable to disease and decay. Bacteria from diseased parts of the mouth can cause health problems in other parts of the body and can potentially cause complications to your child’s health.

Make sure that you are continuing to brush and floss daily at home while pregnant and try to avoid sugary snacks and drinks. If you are planning to become pregnant, make an appointment beforehand so you can have your teeth professionally cleaned and inspected. It’s then recommended you come back for a final consultation at the beginning of your third trimester.

Which Procedures Are Safe To Undergo While Pregnant?

However, if your dentist finds that your mouth and teeth need restorative or preventive dental care, pregnant women can undergo most routine dental procedures safely. In fact, many women are encouraged to not wait until after their child is born to see a dentist for treatment, as scheduling around a newborn can be difficult and issues in the mouth that may not seem like a priority at the time can eventually require urgent dental care.

It’s natural to wonder about any surgical treatment’s effect on an unborn child, though, some women may have questions like:

Can You Get Dental X-Rays While Pregnant?

X-rays are much safer today than in the past, and there is no risk of harm to your child with a dental X-ray. Your dentist will use a specially constructed shield to cover your abdomen and thyroid to ensure the minimal amount of radiation produced will be directed at the necessary spot in the mouth.

Can You Get A Root Canal While Pregnant?

The American Dental Association has found that root canals are safe for pregnant women. The anesthesia, both local and general, used for the operation is safe for unborn children, as in any accompanying medicine like amoxicillin or similar after care prescriptions. The risk to your overall health in waiting to treat a root canal is far greater than the procedure itself.

Can You Get Dental Fillings While Pregnant?

Dental fillings only require a local anesthetic and numbing agent, both of which are safe for unborn children. Dental fillings are a quick and easy procedure with only a few hours of healing time needed.

While almost all dental work while pregnant is safe, some women may experience more adverse reactions to medications or cleaning agents used in these procedures. Tooth sensitivity and nausea are both common, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. You may wish to schedule necessary dental work until the second trimester at least, if possible, or switch to using non-flavored toothpaste or mouthwash to prevent smells or tastes that trigger nausea.

From the first trimester, our dentists at Champagne Family Dentistry will work with you to ensure your mouth, health, and the health of your child are in good hands. Call today for your first appointment.

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