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Regular dental exams are crucial in maintaining your optimal smile. They are recommended every six months to ensure proactive oral care. However, certain situations may warrant more frequent visits. If you experience persistent toothaches, bleeding gums or have dental concerns, scheduling an exam at Champagne Family Dentistry is paramount. Additionally, those with chronic conditions like diabetes or a history of gum disease should consult our dentists for a personalized examination plan.

During a dental exam, Dr. Drew Champagne and associates will thoroughly look at your teeth, gums and oral tissues. X-rays may be taken to identify hidden issues. Our dentists will discuss your oral health history, address any concerns and provide guidance on proper at-home care practices.

Regular dental exams are your first line of defense against oral health issues. Early detection of problems such as cavities or gum disease allows for timely intervention, preventing further complications. Moreover, professional cleanings during exams help maintain a bright smile and contribute to long-term oral health.

Prioritize your dental well-being with routine dental exams in Reno and Sparks, Nevada, ensuring a lifetime of confident smiles and optimal oral health. Call 775-500-0063 to schedule yours today, and let us provide the care you need to ensure your optimal oral health.

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