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What Is the Difference Between a Routine Dental Cleaning and a Deep Cleaning?

If you’re keeping up with your dental hygiene—and hopefully you are!—then you’re familiar with how routine dental cleanings keep your smile white and your teeth free of destructive plaque and tartar. However, family dentistry clinics can perform far more detailed cleaning than what is necessary for basic oral health. Some patients require deep teeth cleaning that encompasses more than just... read more »

Dental X-Rays: What Every Patient Needs to Know About

A dental X-ray machine is probably the most well-known piece of dental technology the average patient encounters. For over a century, X-rays have increased our understanding of the body and furthered the field of medical health, especially in dentistry. Dental X-rays allow dentists to see the inner health of your teeth and mouth in fine detail, meaning they can diagnose... read more »

Dental Implants Care: 5 Pieces of Advice from a Dentist

When teeth are damaged or decayed to the point they cannot be saved or are otherwise knocked out or “avulsed,” dental implants are the safest and best option for restoring your smile. However, even artificial teeth need to be properly cared for to prolong their durability and prevent future dental issues from endangering your oral health. Let’s take a look... read more »

Dental Crown: What Are The Procedure Steps?

Try as we might, damage and decay can still happen to our teeth—sometimes seriously! Advanced damage or decay can even result in missing teeth if untreated, which can come with a whole host of other problems for your oral and overall health. That’s where a dental crown procedure comes in! Crowns are safe, effective tools for saving teeth that have... read more »

Tartar on Teeth: Removing Tartar from Teeth

If you forget to brush before you go to bed, you might wake up feeling like your teeth are “fuzzy” or rough to the touch. This sensation is a buildup of plaque, which, if not removed, can solidify into tartar on your teeth. Tartar is the hard, calcified byproduct of decay-causing bacteria, and besides being unsightly, is one of the... read more »

6 Ways to Protect Your Mouth From Infection

Tooth infections are no one's idea of a good time. They can be painful, smelly, and are a sign that something isn’t right with your oral health—but they can also be downright dangerous. Untreated tooth and mouth infections get worse over time, and can potentially spread toxic substances to other parts of your body with dangerous results. The good news... read more »

Dental Cavities: “When Do You Need Dental Restorations?”

Cavity fillings are modern dental miracles, allowing dentists to stop dental decay before it progresses too far and repair the damage that’s been done—with a completely invisible result. Often, simple fillings can prevent the need for major restorative dental procedures later in life. Cavity filling procedures are quick, painless, and cost-effective methods of fixing tooth decay, with plenty of options... read more »

Tooth Enamel Erosion: Causes and Treatment

The toughest substance in your body isn’t your bones—it’s actually the outside of your teeth! Your enamel keeps your teeth protected so you can chew hard and crunchy foods without having to worry, and prevents harmful bacteria from the outside world from entering your teeth and causing infection and decay. However, not even your tooth enamel is impervious to harm,... read more »

How to Reduce the Risk Of Oral Cancer?

It’s the diagnosis that nobody ever wants to hear, but unfortunately, oral cancer is the eleventh most common type of cancer in the world. Oral cancers can be difficult to diagnose, and treatment is always most effective in its early stages, but the good news is there are things you can do to drastically reduce your risk of mouth cancer.... read more »

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