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Shining a Light on Mouth Cancer: A Vital Awareness Campaign

As November unfolds, our dental practice is joining the global effort to raise awareness about a critical issue that often goes unnoticed—mouth cancer. Mouth Cancer Awareness Month is a dedicated time to educate the public about the risks, symptoms, and preventive measures associated with this disease. At our practice, we believe that knowledge is power, and by spreading awareness, we... read more »

Revolutionizing Dentistry with AI Innovation at Champagne Family Dentistry!

As a dental care provider committed to our patients wellbeing, we are excited to share a significant advancement in our practice––the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) software from Pearl. Pearl is an innovative AI platform, acclaimed for its accuracy and cleared by multiple international regulatory bodies, including the FDA. This groundbreaking technology aids us in reading your dental x-rays with... read more »

Dr. Drew Champagne Nominated for Best Dentist In Northern Nevada

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Drew Champagne has officially been crowned as the Best Dentist in Northern Nevada by Reno News and Review! This prestigious recognition speaks volumes about Dr. Drew's unwavering commitment to providing exceptional dental care and his dedication to his patients' well-being. We are incredibly proud of Dr. Drew's accomplishments and would like to take... read more »

Champagne Family Dentistry Sparks Welcomes Dr. Barrera!

Champagne Family Dentistry is thrilled to announce the addition of Dr. Jairo Barrera to their esteemed team of dental professionals. Dr. Barrera is a dedicated and compassionate bilingual dentist, fluent in both English and Spanish, who is committed to delivering the highest quality of dental care to his patients. With his arrival, Champagne Family Dentistry reaffirms its commitment to ensuring... read more »

Celebrating Dr. Drew’s Nomination for Best Dentist in Northern Nevada

We are thrilled to announce that our very own Dr. Drew Champagne has been nominated as a top contender for the prestigious title of Best Dentist in Northern Nevada! This recognition is a testament to Dr. Drew’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional dental care and his dedication to his patients’ well-being. We are incredibly proud of Dr. Drew’s accomplishments and... read more »

Champagne Family Dentistry’s Exclusive New Patient Special

Bright smiles and sparkling teeth are a universal symbol of confidence and vitality. It's no wonder that people are constantly seeking effective and convenient ways to enhance their smiles. Champagne Family Dentistry proudly presents our exceptional new patient special: a complimentary take-home Opalescence Go tooth whitening kit! Join us on this journey to unlock the true radiance of your smile... read more »

Getting Dentures: Appointment Steps And Stages to Know

Dentures are a common solution for individuals who have missing or damaged teeth. They are custom-made dental prosthetics that can be attached to a removable or permanent base and are designed to restore the appearance and functionality of natural teeth. However, the stages of getting dentures can be complex, involving multiple appointments and follow-ups. Let’s look at the steps in... read more »

What Is the Difference Between a Routine Dental Cleaning and a Deep Cleaning?

If you’re keeping up with your dental hygiene—and hopefully you are!—then you’re familiar with how routine dental cleanings keep your smile white and your teeth free of destructive plaque and tartar. However, family dentistry clinics can perform far more detailed cleaning than what is necessary for basic oral health. Some patients require deep teeth cleaning that encompasses more than just... read more »

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